Youthful skin treatment programs

New skin protocol – basic program that spans 3 months

4 personalized Designer Peels.
2 specific treatments with eye and lip contour.
Choice of specific treatments: Calm skin, Bright skin, Firm skin, Clear skin.
Once, every 2 weeks.

Home care products include:
1 Retinol cleanser
1 Rescue
1 Eminence travel kit
1 Serum et 1 skin-type specific mask

Treatment designed for those who wish to improve the overall look of their skin, while concentrating on a specific action: brightening the skin tone, toning, renewing skin cells or hydrating the face.

Youth recaptured – advanced program that spans 3 months

4 personalized Designer Peels
2 Microdermabrasions
4 specific treatments with eye and lip contouring. Choice of specific treatments: Calm skin, Bright skin, Firm skin, Clear skin.
Once, every two weeks.

Treatment designed for those that want to improve the general look and feel of their skin.

Total Youth protocol – Expert program that spans over 6 months

4 personalized Designer Peels
4 Microdermabrasions
4 specific  treatments with eye and lip contouring. Choice of specific treatments: Calm skin, Bright skin, Firm skin, Clear skin.
4 photorejuvenation treatments with Elite Laser.
Once, every two weeks.

Treatment designed for those that wish to improve firmness of the skin, while also simulating cell regeneration to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Facial care

Discover a wide range of treatments, provided with premium, organic products that deliver the efficient, highly satisfying results you expect.

Eminence Organic skincare

Eminence Organic skincare

Ultimate Signature Facial (all skin types)

Custom care, delivered with organic ingredients and incredibly fresh aromas with drops of pure and natural vitamins that contain bioflavonoids.

Includes an anti-wrinkle, eye and lip contour treatment, plus a hand and foot massage.

Luxury and relaxation, perfectly combined!

90 min. / $125

Bio-coco facial (anti-aging)

Retinol, Phytocell Tec and green apple stem cells come together to stimulate collagen and provide a soothing anti-ageing treatment.

90 min. / $100

Eminence Vitaskin (firming)

This organic treatment is designed for dry or dehydrated skin. Its ingredients help tone the epidermis, while rejuvenating the overall look of the skin.

75 min. / $100

Eminence Vitaskin (calm skin)

Organic facial care designed for sensitive skin, or those with rosacea. Created with delicate fruits and vegetables, this calm, soothing treatment, hydrates the skin and rejuvenates its appearance.

75 min. / $100

Eminence Vitaskin (clear)

Organic treatment designed for oily skin that’s prone to acne. Helps calm redness, and reduces the signs of acne.

75 min. / $100

Pumpkin latte Facial (pigmented, dry, dehydrated skin)

Pumpkins are filled with vitamins, beta carotene and antioxidants. Together, this helps diminish the signs of ageing and repairs skin damage caused by environmental factors. It also erases damages caused over the summer months!

60 min. / $100

Phytoestrogen facial (mature or menopausal skin)

Phyto hormones from 8 different herbs help stimulate collagen, and favor cellular exchange. Considerably improves hydration and elasticity, reduces signs of ageing, normalizes secretion of the sebaceous glands and prevents dehydration.

75 min. / $100

Organic anti-aging with blueberries

This unique organic care seduces with its detoxifying blueberries. With strong antioxidant, anti-ageing, repair and toning agents, you’ll feel your skin renew.

We apply a serum that’s ultra-enriched with antioxidants, follow with a firming mask, and finally engage in a sumptuous Eminence massage that takes you straight to 7th heaven!

90 min. / $125

Organic facial for men

This treatment is designed for all skin types, including damaged skin or those that have been overexposed to the sun.

60 min. / $90

Facial for teenagers

This care helps initiate teenagers to the importance of skin care. We begin with a skin analysis, proceed with a cleanse and a light exfoliation, extraction if needed, then finish with the proper  mask application and appilcation of sunblock.

60 min. / $85

Eye care

Exfoliation, eye mask and massage that helps reduce bags and swelling around the eyes. Followed by the application of a plant-based cream that nourishes and tones the contour of the eye.

add on treatment in facial / $25

On the Run Eminence Facial

Deep cleanse, exfoliation and facial mask adapted to your skin type. Hydrates and refreshes.

30 min. / $65

Jade Sea Goddess Facial

90 min. / $150 including eye treatment

Additional perks for your treatment $10

Extra Personalized mask – Paprika treatment. – AHA fruit pulp – Enzyme peel – Eye masque-  lip treatment.

Youthful skin treatment programs
Tulasara - facial treatments

Tulasara Facial Treatments

Restore your skin’s balance. Personalized treatments address your unique skin care concerns, from aging to dryness, sensitivity and oiliness. 60 and 90 minute treatments include customized product formulations, massage techniques and rituals to restore balance to your skin. Investing more time in your facial treatment will improve your skin’s healing properties.

60 min. / 90 min. – $85 / $100

Eyelash extension and other services

Eyelash extension and other services

Misencils eyelash extensions

Full set of eyelashes $125
Refill $50

Ear piercing


Eyelash tint